MBI-MOOS Discussion Topics

As we discussed in the introductory materials, we are going to try a consolidated discussion forum, where we have a relatively limited number of discussion topics, and are encouraging everyone to discuss these here on the MBI-MOOS discussion pages.  If this goes well (meaning the discussions are productive, interesting, and respectful), we may try to expand them.  But for now, we are starting with a relatively limited number of discussion topics, each linked to one or more Frontiers Seminar Posts.  They are listed here.  

Our MOOS Discussions page explains how the discussions are structured and how you can get the username and password required to access the comment system and participate. 

Unit 1: Introduction – Why Intractable Conflicts Matter—To Everyone! 

Unit 2: Business-As-Usual Approaches.

Unit 3: Introduction to Complexity and Systems Thinking - Theoretical Antecedents

Unit 4: Moving Further Toward a New Paradigm Of Complexity Analysis and Action

  • D13: Grappling with Complexity: What do you see as the key challenges posed by complexity that we need to address? How can we do that?  And how can we  get people to understand and engage with complex problems in the era of twitter, sound bites, and the common belief that everything can be solved with a chosen "quick fix?" 
    • Related MOOS Post: Complex vs. Complicated Systems
  • D14: Adopting Systems Approaches to Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution/Transformation - What can we do to push the system thinking approach further into the conflict resolution field?  Do you have examples of this being successfully done--either among professionals or  citizens engaging in a systemic "ecosystem"-type response?
    • Related Forthcoming MOOS Post: ​System Levels
  • D15: Constructive Management of the Commons: What do you see as promising strategies for promoting “power-with” efforts to govern the commons in ways that advance the common good? And how do you avoid "I'll Fight You For It" responses to commons conflicts? 
    • Related Forthcoming MOOS Post: ​The Really Big Picture Ecodynamics and Planetary Evolution
  • D16: Conflict Pathologies: What do you think are the most important and treatable conflict pathologies? The things that go wrong and common mistakes?
    • Related Forthcoming MOOS Post: ​Engineering and Medical Troubleshooting