MBI Discussion Topics

As we discussed in the introductory materials, we are going to try a consolidated discussion forum, where we have a relatively limited number of discussion topics, and are encouraging everyone to discuss these here on the MBI-MOOS discussion pages.  If this goes well (meaning the discussions are productive, interesting, and respectful), we may try to expand them.  But for now, we are starting with a relatively limited number of discussion topics, each linked to one or more Frontiers Seminar Posts.  They are listed here.  

Our MOOS Discussions page explains how the discussions are structured and how you can get the username and password required to access the comment system and participate. 

Conflict Fundamentals Discussion Questions.  

We have three questions that apply to all of the conflict fundamentals posts.  They are:

In addition, D1 and D2, below, appply to both the Fundamentals and the Frontier Seminars.

Conflict Frontiers Discussion Questions

Unit 1: Introduction – Why Intractable Conflicts Matter—To Everyone! 

Unit 2: Business-As-Usual Approaches.

  • D12: What and Who Did We Miss in this "Literature Review"?   We have two discussion questions that relate to all of Unit 3. First, what other ideas from the people we have talked about have you found to be particularly useful in your work?   And second, what other people should we include in this "literature review" of the "founders" of the complexity-oriented approach to peacebuilding?  Please give us details!

Unit 4: Moving Further Toward a New Paradigm Of Complexity Analysis and Action