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  • The Coming Productivity Boom -- An upbeat argument forecasting an information-based productivity boom in the physical economy (I hope it's true). --
  • Don't Underestimate Trump -- George Lakoff argues that the left shouldn't underestimate Trump, but should try harder to understand his success --
  • The Sorry State of Arab Men -- "The Sorry State of Arab Men," an Economist article exploring the difficulties men face and their implications. --
  • The Boom Was A Blip -- "Getting Used to Slow Growth," an argument against relying on economic growth to solve social problems. --
  • Decline of the Middle Class -- Important new research on the decline of the middle class with big implications for inequality-based conflict. --
  • America Needs Immigrants -- An often missing, but important, economic argument for immigration. --
  • Responding to the Macron Hack -- Efforts to hack democratic processes continue to emerge as a new type of interstate warfare. Possible Responses? --
  • Call-Out Culture on Campus -- A new word with big conflict implications that I should have (but didn't) know: "call out culture." --
  • Trump & Cultural Anxiety -- White working class cultural anxiety and the conflict between cultural security and cultural freedom. --
  • Yale Hunger Strike -- Yale graduate student teachers are on a hunger strike--another reminder of the higher education's gross inequities. --
  • Academically Adrift -- Another provocative Inside Higher Ed review: "Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses" --
  • College, the Great Unequalizer -- Inside Higher Ed review of a provocative new book: "Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality" --
  • A World Without Work -- The meaning of life in a world without work. As technology renders jobs obsolete, what will keep us busy? --
  • Are Democrats Out Of Touch? -- The first step toward building support is understanding why others distrust you. Must-read for Democrats. --
  • Confirmation Bias -- Evidence that both liberals and conservatives are subject to confirmation bias--something we all need to resist. --
  • How The Left Learned To Hate -- Story about how the left learned to hate like the right! Now that we both understand hate, let's try reconciliation --
  • Heineken to Pepsi: Hold my beer -- Beer commercials that actually seem to encourage folks to really talk about the tough issues. --
  • Fighting Fake News in Europe -- Another encouraging story about sophisticated efforts to combat fake news. --
  • 100 Days of Disaster for Democrats -- A controversial, but still worth considering, argument that the past 100 days have been a disaster for Democrats. --
  • Christians & Discrimination -- Many US Christians believe that they are being persecuted. How can their legitimate concerns be better addressed? --
  • The Crazy Scale of Human Carbon Emission -- Global CO2 output from fossil fuels is equivalent to burning a forest much bigger than Africa every year! --
  • Climate Change Activists and Deniers -- Hopeful news that the climate debate is entering a new phase where the focus is not denial but what to do about it. --
  • The European Crisis -- A comparison of US & European political crises and an explanation of why Europe's problems are even more difficult. --
  • Tightness Vs. Looseness in Global Politics -- Tightness and "Looseness"--a useful way of conceptualizing the world's biggest cultural conflict. --
  • Michael Moore in 'Take-No-Prisoners Mode' -- Michael Moore says he is in take no prisoners mode! Genocidal language like this only drives the escalation spiral. --