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  • Microagressions and a Culture of Victimhood -- Good overview article with excellent links on the debate over “microaggressions” and larger social justice efforts. --
  • Needlessly Complex Writing -- Surprising progress in the war against inscrutable, jargon-laden writing! If only it could be extended to academia. --
  • A Silver Lining to Citizens United? -- Hopeful story of how Citizens United is leading to innovative efforts to address the problem of money in politics. --
  • A Modern Nuclear Arsenal -- The ongoing modernization of the “triad” demonstrates that nuclear weapons are not just a relic of the Cold War. ht --
  • The Law School Debt Crisis -- Disturbing stories of law schools exploiting students--something everyone in higher education should fight against. --
  • Data Cables Cause Superpower Tension -- The security of undersea cables is another area in which superpower tensions are increasing. --
  • When We Came Close to Nuclear War -- Recently declassified documents reveal how close we came to nuclear war in the early 1980's. When will we ever lea --
  • Equality or Equity? -- Good explanation of the problems associated with the term “inequality.” Inequity would be better. --
  • Switchtracking -- Hidden Brain podcast explaining “switch tracking”--another cognitive dynamic with big conflict implications. --
  • The Difficulties of Russian Expansionism -- For those worried about Ukraine and Russian expansionism, enlightening article on the difficulties Russia is facing --
  • The Misplaced Fear of Religion in Classrooms -- Interesting argument that US public schools ought to be teaching about, rather than avoiding, religion. --
  • Smart Conflict Resolution -- Good advice for those who realize that persuasion is the best way to resolve conflict. --
  • An Israeli Perspective -- An excellent essay that explains the widely misunderstood Israeli perspective on the current crisis. --
  • Inside the Mind of Israel/Palestine -- Good primer on the differing ways in which Palestinians and Israelis are thinking about conflict. --
  • Nobel Prize for Data -- If we want a chance of solving our big problems, we have to defend the acquisition of basic data on those problems. --
  • The Freedom Caucus -- Informative interview for those seeking to understand the motivations of the “Freedom Caucus.” --
  • Impartiality for Extremism? -- We need to get beyond our instinct for partisan impartiality and ask hard questions about limiting GOP extremism. --
  • Infographing Coal in Electricity -- Great infographics on the growing use of coal for electricity generation and the difficulties this poses. --
  • The Challenges of Climate Change -- A worrying new look at one of the complexities of climate change and the scientific challenge to understand it. --
  • Protecting Peacemakers -- Another demonstration of the need to find better ways of protecting peacemakers from violent assault. --
  • Campaign Financing and Political Inequality -- Another reminder of how far we are from a level, political playing field and the need to empower the 99%. --
  • A Peace Prize for Tunisia -- For the Tunisians, a Peace Prize for helping us learn how to make revolutions genuinely advance the common good. --
  • Testing our Perceptions of Group Views -- Excellent explanation of how the mathematics of human interaction can lead to widespread misperceptions about group --
  • Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty -- Great ideas on how to live in a world of irreducible risk and uncertainty. --
  • Right to Protect -- Article about and links to a major new study on how to make the R2P movement succeed. --