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  • The Richest of the Rich -- Great statistics demonstrating why it's really a 1% of the 1% problem. --
  • Urgent Climate Change Findings -- Another reminder of the urgent need to fix the conflict problems that are blocking action on climate change. --
  • When the Necessary in Impossible in the Middle East -- A succinct summary of the "wicked" problem that is today's Middle East. We need a president who can deal with this! --
  • The Angriest Republicans -- A well-documented window into the class conflict that is dividing the GOP. Will it also divide the Democrats? --
  • Grade Inflation -- Great data (since 1960) on university grade inflation with a focus on the "student as consumer" era. --
  • Papers on the Arab Spring -- Many interesting papers from a virtual symposium on the complex events surrounding the Arab Spring now available. --
  • Why the 1% Earns So Much -- Interesting study explaining how and why some professions are grossly overpaid while others are underpaid. --
  • Learning from Mistakes in Politics -- From Paul Ryan, a hopeful story about learning, admitting mistakes, & really governing. We need more of this! --
  • Do You Live in a Bubble? -- For another window into the class-based divisions in US society, take Murray's "Do you live in a bubble" quiz. --
  • Diversity Makes Us Smarter -- From scientific American – how diversity makes us smarter. --
  • Continual Changes in Terrorism -- An informative overview (with interesting statistics) outlining the continually mutating threat of terrorism. --
  • A Broader Audience for Academics -- A persuasive argument that academics need to engage the broader society (and not just listen to their "peers"). --
  • The Left and the Decline of Democracy -- Provocative essays on how the progressive left has contributed to the decline of democracy, plus suggested changes. --
  • The Necessity of Negative Emotions -- Interesting essay on the psychological importance of addressing, not suppressing, negative emotions. --
  • "I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing" -- Organization matters-–a thoughtful critique of the UN bureaucracy from a former assistant secretary general. --
  • GOP Antipolitics -- A blunt but persuasive argument that we need more effective mechanisms for challenging the GOP's "antipolitics." --
  • The Great Unsettling -- An informative, 4 part exploration of the many aspects of the anger that now characterizes US political conflict. --
  • An Air of Menace -- From Charles Krauthammer, real fear (on the political right) about the "air of menace about this campaign." --
  • Big Government is Better than No Government -- For societies turning on their own democratic governments, a reminder of what life without government looks like. --
  • The Young Vote for Sanders -- Sanders is getting more "under 30" votes than Clinton and Trump combined! What does that tell us? --
  • Against Imposing Ignorance -- From the author of "Islam Without Extremes," a challenge to Muslim governments for "imposing ignorance." --
  • The Future of War and Weapons -- Surprising info on the future of warfare–-more reasons for halting the slide into an "I'll fight you for it" world. --
  • Brewing War -- Signs of continually escalating Mideast tensions--gigantic war games in Saudi Arabia-–350,000 troops, 20 countries. --
  • Insurgency is Fun -- Political insurgency and the "fun factor"–-another reason why democracies are in big trouble. --
  • Why the Rich Don't Give -- The psychology of charity and what it says about efforts to address the have/have not problem. --