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  • How to Deal with ISIS -- In 10 do's and don'ts – genuinely sensible advice for dealing with ISIS. --
  • The Calm Before the Storm -- Very interesting application of complexity theory to identify fragile states subject to catastrophic collapse. --
  • Lessons in Democratization -- A pretty thorough comparison of what we can learn from democratization efforts that have succeeded and failed. --
  • Trump Is Not a Fascist -- A great article that puts Donald Trump and fears of fascism in a more realistic historical perspective. --
  • The White Working Class Problem -- An intimate look into the white working class problems that have become such a driver of US political conflict. --
  • Israeli-Palestinian Violence -- Israeli-Palestinian violence–-multiply by 40 to see what this level of violence would look like in the US. --
  • Character Assassination; Debate-Killers -- A pretty harrowing account of how Internet-based character assassination can undermine thoughtful debate. --
  • The Age of Protest -- Good essay on the explosion and implications of Internet-fueled protests. --
  • Dehumanization in Political Language -- Depressing news that dehumanization is replacing compassion in the language of major US political candidates. --
  • The Limits of American Realism -- Excellent counterpoint to the article we recently posted defending “realism.” More food for thought. --
  • An Iranian/Saudi War -- Another worry, the degree to which really advanced weapons are being used in the Iranian/Saudi proxy wars. --
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution -- The coming impact (positive or negative) of the 4th industrial revolution will depend our conflict handling skills. --
  • Staying Safe in Racist America -- The Green Book: a rediscovered piece of history that offers a sobering window into the United States’ racist past. --
  • Misinformed, not Uninformed -- Interesting exploration of the important distinction between misinformed and uninformed voters. --
  • Trump's Appeal -- Another thoughtful, well researched Edsall article on Trump’s appeal--something we really need to understand. --
  • American Anger -- Amid our worries about the impact of angry voters, we ought to try harder to understand/fix what makes them angry. --
  • The Impact of Terrorism -- Interesting hypothesis that contrasts the impact of big terror with the smaller-scale terror of individual attacks. --
  • If It Happened There -- Great “table turning” series that looks at the United States the same way the US looks at other countries. --
  • The Causes of Trumpism -- Great retrospective on things that the right did to give rise to “Trumpism.” What about things that the left did? --
  • What do diversity policies do? -- A good and too rare example of someone willing to ask hard questions about our inability to make diversity work. --
  • The Dirty Truth About Clean Diesel -- Startling story of how Europe’s side of the Volkswagen diesel scandal affects climate change efforts. --
  • The TMI Factor -- A provocative argument that the “too much information” factor is destabilizing the world’s democracies. --
  • Cultivating Serendipity -- Cultivating serendipity–-an interesting strategy for promoting needed outside-the-box thinking. --
  • The Absurdities of 2015 -- To counterbalance the absurdities the left sees in the right, the list of absurdities the right sees in the left. --
  • Capital Markets and Jobs -- Another informative exploration of the ongoing economic changes–-huge implications for have/have-not conflicts. --