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  • Our Behavior and Stereotypes -- A podcast with a really engaging explanation of how stereotyping influences our behavior. --
  • Regulating Assisted Evolution -- A persuasive article explaining why we need to improve society’s ability to wisely regulate genetic technology. htt --
  • Engaging Perspectives on Sexuality -- A much more constructive way of continuing the inevitable conflict over same-sex marriage and related issues. http: --
  • Robots and a Changing Economy -- Two informative reports on the impact that the coming generation of robots will have on labor markets and conflict. --
  • Fact-checking the Mass Incarceration Debate -- Fact checker article on the misleading political debate on the mass incarceration problem. --
  • Rebel Political Action Committees -- A new word, “ScamPAC” -- political action committees that foster hostility for financial gain. --
  • Liberals are Losing the Culture Wars -- Persuasive argument dispelling the myth that US culture wars may be ending with “progressive” victory. --
  • Middle-class Deaths of Despair -- The startling increase in white middle-class death rates reveals an underlying despair driving US political conflic --
  • Feedback Loops of Inequality -- Examples of the way in which positive and negative feedback loops contribute to the United States’ political divide --
  • Nepal's Mass Communication on Governance -- A mass communication-based strategy for changing the way in which the people of Nepal think about governance. http: --
  • Conflict Mapping Syria -- Conflict mapping (of the Syrian conflict) in the mainstream US press. Interesting and positive development. http:// --
  • What are Palestinians' Goals? -- Hard question worth considering: Might Oslo’s failure stem from a misunderstanding of Palestinian goals? --
  • Understanding Interests -- To understand a rival/adversary, it’s important to understand their core interests. Good analysis of Russia. http:/ --
  • Arbitration and Justice -- NYTimes has a major article on arbitration and the “sugarcoating of injustice” problem. --
  • Spreading Hate through Social Media -- A sad case, highlighting the role that social media is playing in fomenting hate. What can be done? --
  • Transformative Thinking in Intelligence -- An interesting example of how to institutionalize “outside-the-box” thinking –- something we need more of. http://o --
  • Microagressions and a Culture of Victimhood -- Good overview article with excellent links on the debate over “microaggressions” and larger social justice efforts. --
  • Needlessly Complex Writing -- Surprising progress in the war against inscrutable, jargon-laden writing! If only it could be extended to academia. --
  • A Silver Lining to Citizens United? -- Hopeful story of how Citizens United is leading to innovative efforts to address the problem of money in politics. --
  • A Modern Nuclear Arsenal -- The ongoing modernization of the “triad” demonstrates that nuclear weapons are not just a relic of the Cold War. ht --
  • The Law School Debt Crisis -- Disturbing stories of law schools exploiting students--something everyone in higher education should fight against. --
  • Data Cables Cause Superpower Tension -- The security of undersea cables is another area in which superpower tensions are increasing. --
  • When We Came Close to Nuclear War -- Recently declassified documents reveal how close we came to nuclear war in the early 1980's. When will we ever lea --
  • Equality or Equity? -- Good explanation of the problems associated with the term “inequality.” Inequity would be better. --
  • Switchtracking -- Hidden Brain podcast explaining “switch tracking”--another cognitive dynamic with big conflict implications. --