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  • The Income Inequality Conversation -- Is America having the wrong conversation about income inequality? Should we focus more on "within group" inequality --
  • Learning From Fake News -- Genuinely hopeful news that colleges are turning the fake news epidemic into a teachable moment. --
  • Culture Wars in America -- New book argues that the US needs to reclaim its "civil religion" as the "vital center" of politics. --
  • Illegal weapons: A global guide -- A useful guide to what everyone ought to know about efforts to ban the global trade in illegal weapons. --
  • North Korea is Practicing for Nuclear War -- North Korea is practicing for nuclear war (in part to avoid the fate of Iraq and Libya)! Very dangerous. --
  • Why Can't America Take Out Assad? -- Why America can't just take out Assad--an explanation of why Syria is such an intractable problem. --
  • Misunderstanding the American Right -- Long essay with lots of citations exploring the left's long and not very successful effort to understand the right. --
  • Working Less: A Solution -- Another outside the box idea for making a whole lot of things better: work less! --
  • Reducing Tensions Between Russia and NATO -- From the Council on Foreign Relations-–much needed thinking on reducing Russia/NATO tensions. We need more of this. --
  • US and Europe Response to Russia -- More about the emerging response to "Russian hybrid warfare" (military threat plus political destabilization). --
  • Be Nice to Trump Voters -- From Nicholas Kristof, "My Most Unpopular Idea, Be Nice to Trump Voters." What happened to "love thine enemy?" --
  • US Aided Saddam -- Disturbing report in light of the Syria crisis: CIA files prove America helped Saddam's Iraq gas Iranian forces. --
  • Tribal Truths -- An explanation of how "tribal epistemology" afflicts both the left and the right and threatens democracy. --
  • Terrorism & Security Measures -- An explanation of how disconnected our expensive security measures have come from the real threat of terrorism. --
  • Russian Hybrid War -- From Tom Ricks and a Ukrainian elder statesman: How Russian hybrid war is changing the world order. --
  • Meritocracy & Inequality -- Provocative Argument: Meritocracy--the great delusion that ingrains inequality. --
  • The Pre-Truth Presidency -- Forget the post-truth presidency. Welcome to the pre-truth presidency. --
  • Break Up the Liberal City -- A genuinely "outside the box" proposal--break up the big liberal cities the same way you would break up monopolies. --
  • The Science of "Blue Lies" -- The science of "Blue Lies"--a very particular form of deception that can build solidarity within groups. --
  • The Trolls Are Winning -- By spreading fake hate, trolls are generating the real thing. Ideas for stopping them. --
  • The Death of Moral Relativism -- Amid efforts to promote a more diverse society, the surprising death of moral relativism. --
  • A Better Way to Argue -- A practical, thoughtful video highlighting better ways of arguing and persuading. --
  • Koch Brothers and the Constitution -- Fixing democracy by rewriting the Constitution?! In this political climate, we could easily make things much worse. --
  • A Cornerstone of Peace at Risk -- Details matter: the importance of understanding and preserving the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. --
  • Is It Worth The Trouble? -- Camus' philosophy of Sisyphus--why we need to keep trying even when the odds are against us. --