Using Beyond Intractability (Video)

Heidi Burgess

Guy M. Burgess

January, 2017


This video is a tour of the new Beyond Intractability homepage.  It shows both what is going on with the new MOOS, and also how to navigate the Knowledge Base side of the homepage.

Full Transcript

Hi this is Heidi Burgess, and I want to give you a bit of a tour of the new Beyond Intractability homepage. First at the top, you'll notice that Beyond Intractability now includes all the material from

CRInfo. You can still go to and you'll be able to get something that looks very much like this. And it includes all the Beyond Intractability resources and BI includes all the CRInfo resources. It also includes our new Moving Beyond Intractability Massive Open Online Seminar, or MOOS. The guts of the system are in these two left hand columns. The Moving Beyond Intractability MOOS is on the far left column.

And the former Beyond Intractability knowledge base material is here in the second column from the left. And then in these sidebars there are quick links to various things that you might need frequently. And the sidebars also appear on internal Beyond Intractability MOOS and CRInfo pages.

Let me show you what's in the guts of the system here. Let's start with the MOOS because it's new. If you are coming back to the MOOS, if you have been here before, and you know what it's all about, you are likely to just use these quickstart links. That will get you to all the different parts of the MOOS quickly. But let me skip over those for now, and show you what's there for newcomers, since probably you're a newcomer if you're watching this.

This section here explains to you what a MOOS is. There is a quick introduction, and down here a more detailed introduction. There is a What's New section, and we'll be keeping this updated because the MOOS is going to be changing all the time. There is information about us and the project history, and there's two introductory videos. This tells you a lot about what the MOOS is and why we're doing it. It's similar to this written quick introduction, and this tells you how to use the MOOS in much more detail than I'm doing here. If you want to see what the latest MOOS posts are, you can go up here. Or you can go down to the seminars, where you can get all of the MOOS posts as well. And if you don't want to have to scroll all the way down there, and you know what seminar you're looking for, the MOOS seminars, the Frontier Seminar, and the Fundamentals Seminar are the two core MOOS seminars.

And they're up in these quickstart links. So here's the latest MOOS post, “What's a MOOS?” There's talk here about the different MOOS audiences and the material that different audiences, such as citizens, activists, students and educators, practitioners, and conflict experts, might want to use, is all here. More detail on how to access MOOS content, not only on this page but through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is here. I went through these seminars and down here it tells you how to get involved in the discussions. A link to that is also found up here in the quickstart links.

And then over here, you have the Beyond Intractability materials. Similarly to what we have on the MOOS, there is a quick introduction and a more detailed introduction. And a history, and a little bit of information about the integration of Beyond Intractability and CRInfo, and Acknowledgements.

And then the Browse section is really the guts of BI, and this is where you can look at all the essays, case studies, interviews, peacebuilder profiles, book summaries, articles summaries, are all browsable here. And the search system is here. And the search is then also up here. You'll notice here that I'm building this video a little bit before we're done. And this says fix this. We will. And there's going to be some more search options under this search banner when we get this completely done.

Information about education, jobs, and funding are here. And featured BI content is over here. Then let me just quickly go to the list of essays. And we'll look at the one on ripeness. And you can already see what I'm trying to show you is that these two right bars stay apparent on all of the pages. And here you can find about all three sites. What's New, here you log in. You can log in also up here, and I should have pointed out that on all the pages, you have this top menu bar.

And you can travel the different home pages from each of them here. So here's the Beyond Intractability page, which we were on. If you want to go to the MBI MOOS homepage, you can click there. CRInfo homepage is here, and a home page for the Conflict Information Consortium, that puts it all together, is here. Then you can find about all of these different things here. We have a couple of introductory essays about what we think is the Intractable Conflict Challenge, and the complexity oriented approach that we're taking.

Information about the different MOOS seminars here, and how to access MOOS content. All of this stuff in this bar is the same as what you'll find down here. But it's always visible. Here's searches. Very quickly obtainable. And all the Getting Started videos are here.

So, that's about what you need to know. If you go down to the bottom here, you can find how to contact us. And I think that's probably all you need to know. Thanks for watching.