Setting Goals

Sanda Kaufman explains that even the best conflict resolution processes may not work in intractable conflicts.
Helen Chauncey explains why it is so important that NGOs have clear goals and vision as well as what she calls a "value-added" philosophy.
Frank Blechman says, "Shoot high, not low, when setting goals."
Tamra d'Estrée emphasiszes the importance of thinking through what changes are desired from training or interventions and structuring the process so as to faciliate that change.
Civil rights mediator Nancy Ferrell always aims to make systemic changes.
CRS mediator Silke Hansen describes how she helps parties reframe their demands to ones that are not only attainable, but also will likely yield better outcomes for them over the long term.
Stephen Thom describes how he persuades the parties to mediate as he does his situation assessment.
Civil rights mediator Ozell Sutton always tried to help the parties learn how to deal with their future problems themselves.
Civil rights mediator Dick Salem explains how you help disputants devise an acheivable agenda.
Former Community Relations Service Mediator Nancy Ferrell describes how she dealt with potentially violent situations.
Mediator Will Reed describes how his goal is to teach disputants how to solve their own problems in the future and to set up systems to enable them to do that which will last a long time.
Former Community Relations Service Mediator Wallace Warfield discusses how he balances his mediation activities with justice concerns.