Big Tent Nation

"Big Tent Nation is committed to transforming the way individual citizens, business and government communicate and collaborate on issues critical to broad-based national prosperity. The online platform we’re building will give mainstream citizens the information and organizational tools they need to effect meaningful change. ... "When our platform is complete, it will allow every American to build a personalized civic homepage in just two minutes. This customized environment will reflect your highest priority economic concerns and serve as a nonpartisan portal through which you can connect and partner with fellow citizens, thought leaders and elected officials.  Big Tent Nation will provide a rich and empowering environment that integrates learning, dialogue, collaboration and advocacy.  This will result in a unique context within which all political stakeholders passionate about shared prosperity can work together to forge pragmatic solutions. Check out our prototype at the Big Tent Democracy Lab to learn more. "

One key part of Big Tent Nation is the American Prosperity Learning Center  -- a blog, essentially, on creative non-partisan approaches to solving problems.