The American Civic Collaboration Awards (The Civvys)

"Driven by a panel of civic engagement experts, including former members of Congress, senior managers from top foundations and political thought leaders, the Civvys  highlighted best practices in collective action that put community and nation before party, ideology and narrow interests. " According to their website, "In an era of division and gridlock, it’s more important than ever to celebrate and support organizations that work together to improve America. By recognizing projects and processes that emphasize collaboration, civility and on-the-ground impact, the Civvys are a powerful means to honor this work and inspire more of it." The winners were honored in a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on October 20, 2017 during the National Conference on Citizenship.

The competition was being sponsored by The Bridge Alliance and Big Tent Nation, two organizations committed to the fight against partisan rancor and division. 

 The review team was looking for people or organizations who 

  • Have a direct impact on America at a local, state or national level.
  • Use collaboration, community input and other collective action principles to make a difference.
  • Embody civility and mutual respect.