Network Weaver

"During the twenty-first century, activity will increasingly take place in self-organizing, system shifting networks." * The NetworkWeaver site "offers resources and discussion space for those who want to better understand network approaches to transformation and improve their skills in facilitating this transition. This is also the site for the Network Weaver Consultants Network, a loosely affiliated group of consultants who provide a wide range of network services for organizations, networks and communities."

The NetworkWeaver Resources Page has a useful set of free and inexpensive books and articles that describe what network weaving is, why it is so important, and how it is done.  There is a training manual for network weavers, manuals on improving communication and engagement, articles on bridge-building across divides, and articles about mapping networks and analyzing those maps. NetworkWeaver also has a blog and the list of services provided by its consultants is also a list of activities that can each help bring about the transformation of intractable conflicts.