Launch of "Redefining Peace"

Redefining Peace is one of two new social platforms launched by the collaboration of three organizations: engageSimply, PartnersGlobal, and the Alliance For Peacebuilding.  Redefining Peace seeks to inspire visitors with a vision for the future that is full of innovation and creativity. It will provide content that demonstrates the ways that technology, entrepreneurship, and the arts are paving the way for peace. 

“People everywhere are hungry for broader purpose in their lives, and stories that make sense of the complex world around us. For peace to take hold, we need to inspire a much wider community of people willing to work for positive social change, and to convince them that peace is possible, at home and around the world,” said Melanie Greenberg, President and CEO of Alliance for Peacebuilding. “The Alliance for Peacebuilding is delighted to work with PartnersGlobal and peacebuilders everywhere, to create new stories and Narratives for Peace.

For more information, see: Launch Announcement