Colleague Activities

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Highlighting things that our conflict and peacebuilding colleagues are doing that contribute to efforts to address the hyper-polarization problem.

Colleague Activities

Many other people are doing important and interesting work in an effort to move beyond intractability--in theory and in practice, in different locations and on different conflicts.  Please share what you are doing here so we can all learn from each other. 

Things we are interested in hearing about, for instance, include (but are not limited to)

  • Books and articles you have written or are writing that relate to either intractable conflict theory, intervention practice, or both.
  • Practice activities you have undertaken or know about that are likely to be of interest to others.
  • Constructive advocacy efforts.
  • Any other work that relates to our topics here that might be of interest to our visitors. 



Links to things that our conflict and peacebuilding colleagues are doing to better address the tough issues being raised by the
Hyper-Polarization Discussion.

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Participation Options

There are four ways to participate in BI Seminars and Discussions. 

  • Visiting and Searching: Browse the BI homepage or particular seminar landing pages (particularly the right side) to see what's new (or what you may have missed), or use our search tool if you are looking for specific information. 
  • Subscribe to Our Free Substack Newsletter: You can sign up for Beyond Intractability's newsletter and get updates about everything that is new sent directly to your email.
  • Discuss: We are inviting anyone with thoughts on how to better meet the many challenges posed by hyper-polarization to contribute their ideas to the ongoing BI/CRQ discussion on the topic. The invitation to participate contains more details.
  • Contribute: We, of course, appreciate financial contributions which we are now collecting with a GoFundMe Page.  We also welcome suggestions about anything that might be done to strengthen Beyond Intractability, as well as information about things that you are doing that relate to BI.  (We add information about these activities to our Colleague Activities Blog.)

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Recent Posts
  • The Mediation Group: Conflict Coaching
    Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process that develops the client’s skill at handling conflict, or supports the client in working through a particularly difficult or complex conflict.
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
    ACR is an international professional association for mediators, arbitrators, educators and other conflict resolution practitioners.
  • Utah opponents made a campaign ad together. Here’s what it achieved
    During the 2020 campaign season, Utah’s Democratic and Republican candidates for governor took the unusual step of recording an ad together. Two years later, researchers found it had an effect on those who saw it.
  • Peace and Security Funders Group
    The Peace and Security Funders Group connects and supports the global community of funders advancing peace and security efforts in order to build a more peaceful, just, and equitable world.
Blog Submissions

Although we initially created a form for blog submissions, we also accept regular emails via our contact form.

We ask only that participants follow a few simple and common sense ground rules:

  • The suggested submission must address some aspect of the intractable conflict problem in a constructive way.
  • Advocacy projects must reflect an honest effort to be as constructive as possible, trying to understand and work with –or at least not further alienate--adversaries wherever possible.
  • We understand that there are likely to be significant differences of opinion regarding what is "constructive" or not, and we will err on the side of inclusion.  We are simply trying to avoid highly inflammatory posts which are so rampant in social media, and making the conflict problem worse.