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  • Advancing Black Equality in America -- A suggestion that BLM expand its tactics to more extensively negotiate and lobby local, school, state, and national officials. #mbi_cci
  • Delegitimization -- Delegitimization drives escalation and violence. We can reverse it by deligitimizing escalation and violence! #mbi_fundamentals
  • The Evolutionary Choice: "Power With" or "Power Over" -- An explanation of why this may be our best/last chance to make democracy work (and avoid autocracy and anocracy).
  • Face -- It is much easier to get people to admit mistakes when you provide them with face saving opportunities to do so (and when you avoid humiliating them).
  • Does Nonviolence Work? -- Research shows nonviolence is far more effective than violence--it should be all protestors' go-to choice! #mbi_cci
  • The Backlash Effect & Coefficient -- The backlash coefficient measures the degree to which the quest for victory intensifies, rather than subdues, the opposition. #mbi_frontiers
  • Coexistence -- Coexistence offers a promising alternative to today's all-out struggle for dominance among competing socio-cultural groups. #mbi_fundamentals
  • Cultural Lag -- Today's culture wars are largely attributable to the fact that the different generations adapted their beliefs to very different social conditions. #mbi_fundamentals
  • Don't Take the "Hate Bait" -- We are facing a deliberate effort to make us hate one another to the point where democratic governance is no longer possible. We can't let it succeed. #mbi_to_do
  • Constructive Conflict Initiative -- Assuming that we get through the immediate crisis, we will need a major effort to improve the way in which we handle our conflicts. This Initiative is a place to start.
  • Into-the-Sea Framing -- At the moment, it seems like most everyone is wishing that the other side would somehow just disappear. That's not a solution.
  • The Meaning of Civility -- Before civility can provide an alternative to today's hyper-partisan dysfunction, we need a clear image of what civility is and isn't.
  • The Complex Causes of Social Problems -- We need to think about social problems as complex adaptive systems requiring massively parallel problem-solving. #mbi_cci
  • Ripeness -- If the ripe moment is allowed to pass, the chance for negotiation may not come again at all soon. #mbi_fundamentals
  • The Backlash Effect & Coefficient -- The backlash coefficient measures the degree to which the quest for victory intensifies, rather than subdues, the opposition. #mbi_fundamentals
  • Disproportionality Trap and Counter Trap -- It is not enough to address the disproportionate impact of social problems, you also have to equitably address the problem itself.
  • Peaceful Change Strategies -- Should we negotiate or escalate? That's a false question. Social change comes from doing both.
  • Dehumanization -- Research on dehumanization is very clear: such speech increases the likelihood of violence, even genocide.
  • Jay Rothman: Systematic Collaborative Visioning for Conflict Resolution Action and Evaluation in the Post-Covid19 World -- The time is ripe and we have much to contribute do de-escalation: listening, dialogue, reframing, collaboration and more. #mbi_cci
  • Entrapment -- This psychological tendency has caused a lot of avoidable pain and suffering--but it is avoidable. #mbi_fundamentals
  • Overcoming Oppression With Power -- When persuasion isn't enough, power must be added to overcome oppression. But that doesn't mean violence. #mbi_fundamentals
  • Nonviolence and Nonviolent Direct Action -- Evidence suggests nonviolent action is actually more effective than violence because it minimizes backlash.
  • Overcoming Oppression Through Persuasion -- Persuasion doesn't have the risks that come with the use of force, and can be very effective.
  • Limiting Escalation/De-escalation -- Escalation often happens very quickly and easily, while de-escalation is typically very slow and difficult. But it is essential, and possible. #mbi_fundamentals
  • Overcoming Oppression: Awakening the Sense of Injustice -- Many have recently awakened to U.S. injustice--but will this awakening last? #mbi_fundamentals